The Obamas’ Official Portraits

So as you probably know, the Obamas’ official portraits were revealed over the weekend. as you will probably remember from this earlier post, I have been looking forward to seeing these portraits for quite some time. What I like about them is that both Michelle and Barack used artists who are challenging the expected norms especially when it comes to social issues through their art. I also like that the portraits aren’t just a classic painting. The Obamas are certainly not ordinary and I don’t think their portraits should be either. What do you think about them?


Renaissance Italy at the Nasher

Being the art nerd that I am, I like to go to museums and art events as often as possible. It doesn’t happen as much as I’d like because of my schedule, but I was able to finally squeeze some art in this week! An amazing thing that some museums are doing is staying open until 9pm on a weekday so that people can view the art after work. This works perfectly for me because I always work weekends and my only day off is Monday, when most museums are closed. Anyways, this week I went over to the Nasher Museum at Duke University to check out their exhibition on Carlo Dolci.

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Winter Exhibition


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Hello all and happy 2018! I am very excited to announce our newest exhibition at my gallery! It is featuring four female artists, three of whom are local and one who is from New York.

Like most shows, I had a plan for the artist from New York, Andrea Marsiano, but not for the rest of the show. Then, in the course of two days, a returning artist and two new artists both were able to bring in art that fits absolutely perfectly with Marsiano’s.

I am very excited about this show and would love to hear what you guys think. So go check out the blog devoted to my gallery and let me know what you think of the new show!

Michelangelo at the Met


Other than seeing the da Vinci, one of the main things I wanted to do while I was in New York was see the new Michelangelo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint and was worth the entire trip all on its own.

IMG_1702This exhibitions features the largest collection of Michelangelo drawings ever displayed. Despite being a sculptor and painter, Michelangelo was an avid drawer and did sketches to prep for many of his large-scale works. With the exhibition, you were really able to see Michelangelo’s process and how he went from an idea to a full size sculpture.


One of my favorite parts was the reproduction of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. While this definitely used a lot of modern technology that some people have criticized, it was so nice to be able to actually look and see the different panels. In the actual Chapel, there are so many people and the ceiling is so high that it is difficult to see any details. With this though, I was able to really see parts that I hadn’t seen before. In the rest of the room, they also had drawings Michelangelo had done of small bits of the scenes. The way the exhibition was set up, you could easily compare these early drawings with the paintings themselves which I loved!


I also really enjoyed seeing some of the unfinished pieces. To see an unfinished drawing, painting, or sculpture is so telling of the artist’s process. Where one artist might sketch the entire piece and then go back in and add details, another artist might complete one tiny portion at a time. Seeing these types of pieces is so fascinating especially a sculpture like this. Michelangelo was a phenomenal sculptor and to be able to see his chisel marks and the process and skill that went into a sculpture was fascinating for me.


To read more about this exhibition, check out this article about what it took to put together this kind of exhibition. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Drawings and works on paper are difficult in general because of the need to limit light exposure and general exposure to the public so they can survive. But just look at all of the lenders who came together for this exhibition. The curator was able to create an incredible exhibition and pull works from incredible collection including the Queen’s. What a feat and an astounding show.

Da Vinci Buyer


Hello all. This was not my planned post for this week, but this news was worth its own post. One of the biggest pieces of intrigue surrounding the Salvator Mundi sale was the buyer. The buyer was anonymous at the time of the sale and we had no idea who it could be. I thought it was probably a Middle Eastern member of royalty or an Asian buyer. If it had been an American buyer, they probably would have made a bigger deal out of it in the media.

Anyways, yesterday it was finally revealed that a Saudi Prince was the buyer. Plus, the work is  going to be displayed in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It is so exciting to know who the buyer is and I am so glad the work is going to be in a museum. Then, it will properly looked after and the public will have the opportunity to see it.

The Last Da Vinci


Hello all! It has been a crazy couple of weeks, hence my lack of posts, but I have some exciting art-related things to share with you. The next couple of posts are going to be a little different because I just got back from New York and I want to talk about some of the things I was able to see while there. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to New York, other than the fact that it’s New York, was to see the last da Vinci in private hands before it sold at auction. This piece, Salvator Mundi, has a complicated history and wasn’t even authenticated as a da Vinci until the early 2000s.

I was so excited to see this piece and after waiting in line, it was worth it. Da Vinci is one of my favorite artists and to see a piece by him that has been so rarely seen was incredible.

Even more amazing though was the sale of the painting. It was brought to auction at Christie’s right before Thanksgiving and after a 20 minute bidding war, broke the auction record for any single piece of art ever sold. Selling for $450,312,500, Salvator Mundi surpassed the previous auction record by almost $100 million.

This sale just adds to the already interesting history surrounding this piece and I am so glad that we were able to see it. To read a little bit more about the sale and the painting itself, check out Christie’s website. They have had some wonderful articles about the history of the painting and the details of the sale as it progressed.

Of course, since the sale there have been lots of people claiming it is not actually a da Vinci painting. While I am no expert, what I have read from art historians and da Vinci experts and after seeing the piece for myself, I think it is pretty compelling and most likely a da Vinci. That is not to say though that there aren’t a lot fo condition issues with it because of its age and how it was stored.

Look into and decide for yourself. I’d love to hear whether you think it’s a da Vinci or not! Either way, this was an incredible series of events and a very exciting moment in the art world.

Greensboro Public Art Part 3

  1. Giraffe Topiary…nature in art

Buzzfeed 11

I always been a sucker for those bushes that are shaped like animals. It is kind of corny, but I just think they are so cool. I love that Greensboro has something similar to this with our giraffe topiary. It is such a fun piece of art and a great way to bring another aspect of nature into this park.

2. Meeting Place…creating a place for our community to be a community

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The existence of public art is wonderful, but it is even better when it serves a purpose. For this piece, its existence creates a space for the community to gather. This piece not only brightens our community, but also adds to the sense of community in general by creating a place for people to meet and be together.

3. Ribbons I/II…example of artistic expression in our community

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In its purest form, public art is about artistic expression and sharing that with the community. These two sculptures, in the middle of a pedestrian area do just that. They do not have a purpose other than as pieces of art and that is shown to pedestrians and other passerby in this area.


That is all of my favorite pieces of Greensboro public art for now. Starting next week, we will be having a different variety of posts so if there is anything you would like to discuss or read about, please comment below!